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Name:Gerald Anthony Lucas Hargreaves
Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Gerald is a fictional character in the Haunted Boston RPG.

DoB: 15th August, 1945
Married: Georgina, 1968
Education: MBA, Harvard Business School, 1972

Brief History: Gerald was the only son of a wealthy Boston family, the fourth of five children. His eldest and youngest sisters both died at different times, the eldest in a riding accident during a competition, the younger from illness, or so the story goes.

With the encouragement of his father Gerald studied business and received his MBA from Harvard Business College in 1972, at which time he was appointed vice president of Hargreaves Consolidated. He married his childhood sweetheart, Georgina, when he was still at university, and the two started their married lives in the 'city house' of the Hargreaves family in Cambridge, and spent the holidays with his family in Hargreaves House. Gerald's best friend and confidante, Levi Schein, would regularly room with the couple in the large house while he attended MIT.

Gerald and Georgina, or Gerry & Georgie, were a 'Boston power couple', Gerry making his mark in the family business, and Georgina working with various charities and non-profit groups and maintaining their home while raising their three children. At Gerald's insistence she hired a nanny, and after an extensive search she engaged Tatiana, a young immigrant girl from Russia. Gerald's world was brought crashing down around him in the great blizzard of February 1978, when Georgina and their three children mysteriously disappeared, along with their nanny and the chauffeur, while driving back to Boston. The vehicle, driver and passengers were never found.

He's never remarried, (secretly believes his wife and children are not dead), and has taken on the funding of a secret research project to prove there is existential portals, hence his involvement with G. Host & Co. Unfortunately the team he was funding also disappeared, leading him to believe they in fact proved the theory, but something went wrong. There is now a rebuilding of the team working on the project, along with a little more involvement on his behalf, including the purchasing of new equipment to help monitor the work being done, so it isn't all lost again! The facilities of G. Host, and its few remaining employees are also being updated with equipment, including IT equipment and personnel, or dragging it into the 20th century now that the rest of the world is into the 21st!

Philanthropist, collector of 'oddities'. All of his sisters are high achievers, one a judge, one running the import/export division of the business, and one a curator of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University.

Career: Family business, whose origins were less salubrious undertakings (smuggling, fencing high end items, and bootlegging during Prohibition) but started to be 'cleaned up' after 1932. The redirection took the business into shipping, and import/export, and flourished especially during the war. Due to his father's business acumen, and many contacts, Hargreaves Consolidated survived the Great Depression, and expanded into real estate and property development, purchasing many and varied locations around both Boston and along the eastern seaboard.

Personality Traits: Very formal, and the 'proper English gentleman'. Gerald, or Gerry as his closest friends call him, is secretive (family trait), driven (for personal reasons), a little eccentric (again those personal reasons), very savvy in business, and quite comfortable in the company of all classes, but does have a very strong sense of 'class'. Not one to get his hands dirty he is very good at delegating, and expects results. He has friends in high places, and acquaintances in others.

PB - Kirk Douglas
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